COVID-19 Clerk’s Office Update

It is for everyone’s health & well-being that we are not opening up to the public. Payments can be made online, by mail or the night drop box located inside city hall, which can be accessed through the east side of the building. Also, please note that you can set up automatic payments from your banking accounts, we will gladly send you the paperwork needed to set this up. If we open up the drive through for payments then we would be sanitizing non-stop. This is not efficient or safe. Our office collects multiple payments per day when we are open to the public, which would mean sanitizing after each interaction. Currently, with city hall closed we collect the night drop payments typically twice a day and the mail once per day, this means we open all payments & process them, then sanitize after those groupings. We are trying to remain healthy & stop the spread of Covid-19.

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