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Electrical Service is provided by Indiana Michigan Power Company, a subsidiary of American Electric Power. Power to the City of Winchester is supplied through one 34.5KV and two 69KV lines. Both lines are fed from three step-down stations. The 138KV transmission lines are also integrated into the electric company’s network. Distribution voltage within the community is 4KV and 13KV. Economic development incentive rates may be available to new or expanding customers which meet minimum demand requirements. For further information call 800-311-4634 or visit:

Natural gas is obtained through Ohio Valley Gas Corporation, which has its corporate headquarters located in Winchester. The supply comes from an ANR Pipeline and has a 1,000 BTU content. For further information call 765-584-5501 or visit:

Water service is provided by Indiana American Water Company. The rated capacity for the Winchester treatment plant is 2.8 million gallons per day (MGD) and the average demand is 1.8 MGD. For further information call 765-962-0470 or visit:

Sewage/Trash Bills
The sewage bills are mailed around the 15th of every month for the current month. The refuse collections are included on the sewage bills for all non commercial properties. Online Bill Pay is now available for the Sewage and Refuse Utility Bills. Log onto https://www.drfrey.biz/11086/customerlogin.html to pay your bill.  Each customer is assigned an individual pin number, which is available in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.  You may obtain your pin by calling 765-584-8805 ext 2302 and supplying your account number.