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 The City of Winchester services 2120 residential customers, 15 industrial customers and 280 commercial customers.

The City of Winchester Collection System Consists of 132,000 feet of sanitary sewer and 82,250 feet of storm sewer. The City of Winchester also maintains 10 lift stations and is a 100% separate sanitary sewer system. 

The City of Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Class III conventional activated sludge treatment process with a design flow of 2.19 mgd. The Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant treatment process consist of 2 Communators, 2 Primary Clarifiers, 4 Aeriation Tanks, 4 Final Clarifers, Disinfection is achieved by using chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide for declorination. 

The City of Winchester WWTP has the following permit requirements: CBOD, TSS, Ammonia-Nitrogen, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Residule Chlorine, Ecoli, Influent and Effluent Mercury. 

The Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant also has 2 large storage basins with a capacity of 64 million gallons. These surge basins allow for storage of excess flows until the water can be treated. The City of Winchester Wastewater sludge handling consist of 1 sludge thickener, 2 Aerobic Digesters, 1 Decant Tank and 6 Drying Beds.

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