The City of Winchester services:

  • 2120 residential customers
  • 15 industrial customers
  • 280 commercial customers

The Collection System Consists of:

  • 132,000 feet of sanitary sewer
  • 82,250 feet of storm sewer

We maintain 10 lift stations and have a 100% separate sanitary sewer system.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Class III conventional activated sludge treatment process with a design flow of 2.19 mgd.

The treatment process consists of:

  • 2 Communators
  • 2 Primary Clarifiers
  • 4 Aeriation Tanks
  • 4 Final Clarifers

Disinfection is achieved by using chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide for declorination.

We have the following permit requirements: CBOD, TSS, Ammonia-Nitrogen, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Residule Chlorine, Ecoli, Influent and Effluent Mercury.

We also have 2 large storage basins with a capacity of 64 million gallons. These surge basins allow for storage of excess flows until the water can be treated.

The sludge handling consists of:

  • 1 sludge thickener
  • 2 Aerobic Digesters
  • 1 Decant Tank
  • 6 Drying Beds