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About the Winchester Fire Department
Fire Chief Dwayne Wiggans

The Winchester Fire Department provides the primary fire and emergency medical services (EMS) for the City of Winchester.  It is a combination department with 9 fulltime and 8 part-time employees.  Current staffing is 3 personnel per day operating on a three-shift rotation.

Our EMS division provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) at the Paramedic level (highest prehospital emergency care).   Our first out fire apparatus is Engine 4 which is a 1,250 gallon 2019 Toyne four air pack seats and a top mount pump.

The Fire Department is located on the south side of the City Building on Washington Street.

Dwayne Wiggans, Fire Chief, FF/EMT
Anthony Harless, Public Relations, FF/P
Levi Cross, FF/P

Nathan Goodman, Assistant Chief, FF/P
Kent VanNote, Captain, FF/EMT
Dalton Brown, FF/P

Shawn Patterson, Captain, FF/EMT
Jeffery Benson, FF/P
Scott Patterson, FF/EMT

Larry Franklin, FF/P
Gary Gray, FF/EMT
Ellie Kerns, FF/EMT
Billie Sanders, FF/EMT
Rick Sanders, FF/EMT
Winston “Jr.” Cross, FF/P
Cody Crawford, FF/EMT
Brandon Barndollar, FF

Firefighter (FF)     Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)     Paramedic (P)