CPR Certification
Once per month WFD offers a public class for CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). We have state of the art CPR manikins that give real time data on the student’s CPR performance. The cost for the class is $20. Our American Heart Association CPR Instructor is Jeffery Benson. He may be contacted at (765) 584-4411 or jeffery.benson@winchester-in.gov

Safe Sleep
Safe Sleep is a state assisted program to help prevent infant sleep related deaths. The program aims to assist families who are struggling to obtain a safe sleeping area for their infant. The state provides a free pack n’ play to those in need. These are kept at WFD in order to quickly distribute the safe sleeping area. Remember babies should sleep A- alone, B- on their backs, and C- in a crib (or pack n’ play). WFD’s Safe Sleep Coordinator is Anthony Harless. He may be contacted at (765) 584-4411 or anthony.harless@winchester-in.gov

Vital of Life
WFD participates in the Vital of Life project. In the event of a medical emergency, that leaves you unable to communicate with our ambulance crews, we will have your medical information. This can include your name, DOB, medical diagnosis, medications, allergies, DNR, and more. They will then be placed in your refrigerator as consistent with program. This can help us treat you with your history and wishes in mind. Contact the WFD for more information and how to get your own.

Car Seat Safety Check