If you have a Police Report Number for an accident please go to the Buy Crash website.

If you do not have a report number, you may call 765-584-6845 Ext 2101 to obtain the number.

For public records requests, including incident reports, you may come to the City Building to fill out a request for public records or print a form, Request for Public Records, and return it to: clerk@winchester-in.gov.

Reports from the Winchester City Building are only available for incidents within city limits.  Please call 765-584-1721 for anything outside city limits.

All accident reports are $12 online or picked up in person.  Incident reports are 25 cents per page.  All other printed public records are 10 cents per page.  No change is available at the City Building and you must have exact payment in cash.


Tip: Try to include as much information as possible for police reports such as exact dates, individuals involved, and addresses.  

Tip: We only cover within Winchester City limits and incidents the WPD responded to.  You will need to contact the proper responding agency to obtain reports. 

Tip: Reports part of an incident that are still under investigation or part of an open case are not yet public record.  If it is part of a criminal incident and you are involved, you may want to call the Randolph County Prosecutor’s Office, 765-584-2644, to learn what portions you are entitled to view.