City Court COVID-19 Transition Plan

As the City of Winchester attempts to protect its citizens while the COVID-19 virus is still a health emergency, the City Court outlines the following updates for transitioning into normal operations while the COVID-19 danger diminishes, but is still present.

The previous target date for requiring appearances was to be June 11.

The court now modifies the target date to be August 1, 2020.

Until August 01, 2020, the court will still require Defendants to call into the court to determine if their hearing is mandatory or not. If a hearing is mandatory, Defendants may appear by telephone. A failure to appear at a mandatory initial hearing will be noted and the hearing may be rescheduled for a later date. No late fees due to failure to appear, FTA driving suspensions, or warrants to appear will be issued between June 1, 2020 and August 1, 2020.

However, failures to appear for mandatory initial hearings may still be scheduled for a Pre-trial Conference and a Bench Trial, depending on the time the case was pending prior to the COVID-19 crisis. All dates set this way may be tolled or extended as necessary depending on how the crisis progresses.

Failures to enroll in a deferral program will still require some form of contact with both the court and the Randolph County Prosecutor's Office.

Failing to communicate with the court regarding traffic tickets will only drag out the proceedings weeks or months longer than they need to. Because of this, Defendants are encouraged to contact the Winchester City Court to find out when their court dates are, resolve any unpaid tickets, or be ready to challenge any tickets needed, including showing up to court dates and regularly communicating with the court.

If you have a pending ticket and have been laid off due to COVID-19, you are encouraged to inform the court of your financial situation so that the court can grant any appropriate relief.

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