COVID-19 Transition in light of recent orders

Due to Indiana orders to "Mask up Hoosiers", the Winchester City Court now implements the following policy as authorized by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Mouth/breathing masks ("face masks") are now required for defendants' entry into the Winchester City Building for court appearances or payments. If you do not have a mask, you will be offered one. If you qualify for an exception to wearing a face mask, then you must provide written approval of that excuse from the authorizing agency (doctor, health department, etc.). While in the court, your mask must cover the a continuous patch from the tip of the nose to over the bottom lip, and as otherwise recommended by the Indiana Department of Health and the CDC.

Requiring wearing face masks is not a punishment. The wearing of face masks is to limit the transmission of COVID-19 from those who do not know they have it to those who are either highly susceptible to the virus or who regularly interact with those who are highly susceptible. Court employees are regularly tested for the virus, disinfected, practice social distancing, and/or take other measures to limit the spread of the virus.

If you refuse to wear a mask while inside the building for court, you will be turned away and treated as though you did not appear. This means that after August 15, 2020, you can have your driving privileges suspended for not wearing a mask while physically inside the City Building for court business.

These measures are temporary, and only apply while you are in the Winchester City Building for a court hearing, which typically involves less than an hour of time. Phone hearings are still an option and online payments are accepted.

All inconvenient rules are the result of people's inconsiderate actions. Let's take temporary and reasonable precautions now to avoid having to deal with even more inconvenient rules later if the worst fears are realized.

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