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Will my ticket show up as a conviction if I pay it online?
Yes. Paying any ticket in City Court will be recorded as an admission or a no contest plea. This will result in a conviction of the traffic offense alleged and will be reported as points on your license.
What if I want to pay my ticket, but not get any points on my driving record?
If you want to avoid points on your driving record, you need to either appear for your initial hearing or contact the entity pursuing the ticket and make arrangements. All agreements between the parties are due before the date of any contested trial.
What happens at an initial hearing?
At an initial hearing, you will hear the rights available to you, learn the consequences of a conviction of the offense alleged, and enter one of three pleas: admit, deny, or no contest.
What is the difference between admitting to a ticket and pleading no contest?
Admitting to the ticket means saying that you committed the offense alleged and that you will pay the ticket. No contest means that you just want to take care of the ticket as quickly as possible. A no contest plea involves a different formula for imposing the fine. The amount may be more, it may be less, or it may be about the same depending on the nature of the offense.
Results 1-4 of 4

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