City Council meetings have resumed.  Room capacity is determined by Governor Holcomb’s reopening plan.

The Winchester Common Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month in the City Council Chambers at 6:00 pm. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend these meetings. All meetings of the common council shall be public meetings and must be made advertised at least 48 hours in advance, unless an emergency exists. A special meeting may be called if the Mayor or a majority of elected members of the Common Council see the need.

About the Winchester Common Council

The city government of Winchester is divided between the Mayor and the Common Council or sometimes called the “City Council.” The common council holds the city’s legislative authority and makes the laws through ordinances, orders, resolutions and motions. It is the Common Council that has final authority over the city’s property, finances, and the appropriation of monies. The Mayor presides at the Council meetings, but may vote only in case of a tie. Most of the council’s powers are outlined in the State of Indiana Codes.


The City of Winchester Council is comprised of five elected council members.  Council members are part-time elected officials who serve four years and can run for re-election as often as they wish.

The city is divided into four precincts with one council member elected from each district and one council member selected “at large.”  Each year the Common Council elects a Council President who will be the presiding officer at a common council meeting in absence of the Mayor.

Current Council Members

The current City of Winchester council members are as follows:

Council District Name Email Address
Precinct 1 Councilor John Boyd
Precinct 2 Councilor Terry ( Bear) Alfrey
Precinct 3 Councilor Jim Nunez Jr.
Precinct 4 Councilor Leesa Friend
At-Large Councilor Tom Sells


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