Important Update for Winchester City Court

Important Information for the Winchester City Court

To best utilize Winchester residents’ tax dollars and resources, the City Council voted to dissolve the Winchester City Court.  Cases after May of 2021 have been assigned to the Union City City Court at (765) 964-5328.  You can also access your case information at

Cases prior to May of 2021 are being transferred to another court or dismissed.  Since the Winchester City Court can no longer take payments for open cases, the timeline for unresolved cases will depend on the handling by the new court the old cases are transferred into after December 31, 2023.

There are a large number of cases over the last 30 years that need properly managed before the court completely closes at the end of the year.  The process involving defendants, the BMV and all other parties is unfortunately long and tedious.  Therefore, tickets may not be available for resolution during the shutdown process.

The BMV may be able to expedite unresolved issues on their end by generating and providing you any forms they require to be signed by the Judge before processing on their end.  The majority of the form must be completed by them and only require the Judge’s signature or unfortunately the case will still be processed in the order it is currently in.

You may mail or drop off completed forms requiring a signature to the City Building at 113 East Washington Street, Winchester, Indiana 47394.  You may also email them to  Please include your current phone number and mailing address.


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