Who is Eligible? – Property owners whose properties are inside the City limits of the City of Winchester and have an existing sidewalks. Construction of a new sidewalk is not eligible.

Applying for a Project – Property owners wishing to be included in the Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program must:

  1. Submit an application (will be provided by the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office).
  2. Receive approval from the Board of Public Works and Safety prior to construction of the sidewalk.
  3. Have the sidewalk inspected and approved by an appointed City employee.

The property owner will be reimbursed for 70% of the applicable construction cost for the sidewalk. The City of Winchester will not pay for any labor costs.

*The City of Winchester also has funds available for the removal of trees and stumps associated with a sidewalk rehabilitation project.

Application for Sidewalk Rehabilitation
Winchester Sidewalk Rehabilitation Assistance Program 2024

Depending on your project, you may also want a Street Cut permit.
Application for St Cut – Right of Way Permit Blank 2024