CSX maintains a double track main line through Winchester and Randolph County, providing a key transportation route between St. Louis, Indianapolis and the Northeast. CSX operates more than 2,000 miles of track throughout Indiana. Services available include both intermodal and TRANSFLO services.

Motor freight service is provided by 11 trucking firms as well as being the corporate headquarters for a major warehouse (over 120,000 square feet) and distribution system company. DMI Distribution Inc’s facility in Winchester has 16 docks and a 12′ drive-in overhead door. The ceiling height is 27′ at the eave and 36′ in the center. The warehouse is protected by wet sprinkler systems and monitored fire and intrusion alarms. The warehouse is maintained to food quality standards.

The State of Indiana ships about 70 million tons of cargo by water each year, which ranks 14th among all U.S. States. More than half of Indiana’s border is water, which includes 400 miles of direct access to two major freight transportation arteries: the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway (via Michigan) and the Inland Waterway System (via the Ohio River).

The state’s three-port system (Burns Harbor, Mount Vernon, and Jeffersonville) serves the world’s most productive industrial and agricultural region through a combination of strategic location, intermodal connections and specialized facilities.

Indiana’s ports are designed to quickly and efficiently transport products by truck, rail or barge to the manufacturing and agricultural markets of the country and the world.