The City of Winchester requires permits for:

  • Street/Right of Way Cuts
  • Selling Door to Door
  • Dumpsters (that are placed on the street)
  • Tree Trimming that is in the right of way of the City

All of these permits do require a fee and are available in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

  • Street/Right of Way Cuts: $150.00
  • Selling Door to Door: $12.50 per person
  • Dumpster: $20.00
  • Tree Trimming: $10.00

Fees must be paid in full before the permit will be given to the citizen. The receipt that will come with the permit will need to be kept in case a city official asks to see the permit. The receipt is proof that the permit has been paid. They will also check with the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office, to make sure they have the same permit and receipt number.

Building Permits

For building permits you may follow the directions for Randolph County at:


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