We are a vibrant and growing community that respects its heritage. Winchester is a place where families, organizations and businesses find the resources, infrastructure, and quality of life to thrive. A good pool of local leadership manages resources well, and works with all community organizations to instill a confidence and excitement about the future of Winchester.

It is a community with an eye to the future that respectfully reaches out to surrounding communities and government units in partnership and cooperation for the benefit of the entire county, region and state.

Experience our beautiful country roads, friendly atmosphere, and delicious culinary indulgences.

Most visitors quickly find the local culture at Mrs. Wick’s Pie Shop (it sits just next to Wick’s Pie Factory!). Wick’s made the Sugar Cream Pie famous and when the state of Indiana named the Sugar Cream as the state pie, it also named Winchester as its pie capital.

An other must-see attraction includes the legendary Winchester Speedway. Winchester Speedway been stirring excitement since the early 1900’s. All the big names in racing know they better have it on their resumes.

In addition, no one can visit without a trip to Silver Towne, L.P. This amazing attraction appears to be a mansion, but houses showrooms for rare coins, collectibles, and jewelry. It also has its own mint!

To get all you can out of Randolph County, however, you have to dig a little deeper…and it is worth it. Take time to visit the local shops and get to know the owners who make them so special.

We are also home to over a hundred fine artisans. Many have showrooms or have their wares available at fairs and our multiple galleries. Roadside markets and working farms will be a perfect learning opportunity and chance to purchase fresh local products. Museums and historical sites will captivate and intrigue you.

Winchester is located in Randolph County on the Indiana-Ohio border. There are an estimated 6 million people within a 2 hour drive and an estimated 50,000,000 people within a 5 hour drive.

Major markets within a 5 hour drive include Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Milwaukee and Nashville.

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